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Whole Home Remodeling in Los Angeles – A Step up From Standard Renovating

home remodeling los angeles caOnce you have a Los Angeles home that is in the perfect location, the last thing that you want to do is move. So if you realize your home has become outdated, or is in need of renovations, you have to decide between moving – or improving. Or maybe you have found a home with the right “location, location, location” but know that it needs major upgrades. Do you keep looking or invest in (potentially more cost-effective) home remodeling in Los Angeles?

Let's face it, once you get settled into your lifestyle and routine in the spot you are in, the last thing that you want to do is change that. Your neighbors are your friends, your kids actually like their school, the last thing that you want to do is tamper with this delicate balance. So why not consider opting for whole home remodeling?

Understanding the Basics of Home Remodeling in Los Angeles

So what exactly defines a whole house remodel? A job is considered a whole house renovation project when 50% or more of the home is being worked on at one time, under one agreement. While it is a time and labor intensive project, it also means being able to stay right where you are.

Some common tasks that may be included in whole home remodeling in Los Angeles are:

  • Revamp the layout / floor plans in an effort to make the home more functional or user-friendly
  • In some cases, this may mean making changes for those with a disability or limited mobility (it is a common approach to creating an aging in place home)
  • Introduce new framing, drywall and insulation
  • Replace flooring
  • New masonry in the basement to enhance the appearance but also the structural integrity
  • Upgrades of important systems like the plumbing or electrical wiring
  • Exterior upgrades are also an option, such as siding, roofing, windows and doors

This is also the ideal opportunity to add on to your home. Options vary but may include projects like expanding the kitchen, adding a mudroom or adding an outdoor living space like a patio. The bottom line is that the possibilities are fairly endless and this is the perfect chance for you to transform your current house into the home of your dreams.

Making Smart Choices

The best way to make wise decisions about projects like a whole house renovation job is to make sure you have the right professional to work with. Here at ERP Construction, we are honored to have earned the title of being among the leading Los Angeles remodeling contractors. We are known for our superior quality results, as well as our ability to listen and deliver exactly what the customer wants.

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