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Building Room Additions in Los Angeles

room addition los angeles caOpting to take on building a room addition in Los Angeles is a wise alternative to moving, in order to get more space. One of the biggest complaints homeowners have is about not having enough space in their current home. Each year countless homeowners go through the hectic ordeal of relocating when they could have just renovated?

If you are in need of an additional room, why not work with the home that you already have? There are countless reasons that people may be in need of another room. A new baby, the desire to spread out or the need for an in-law suite are some of the most common ones. Tired of living with not enough bathrooms in your home? Wish you had a room for guests to stay in so friends and family can come visit? Wish your family had an entertainment and game room to make memories in? These are all things that ERP Construction can take care of for you.

Add Space & Value with Room Additions in Los Angeles

Not convinced yet that a room addition is right for you? Here are some other benefits you may not have even thought of yet when it comes to building an extra room on to your home:

  • The cost of home improvements are usually more cost-effective, when compared to the expense of moving. Plus, the added bonus is that this home expansion will increase the property value of your current house. It's a real estate win-win.
  • Obviously, this will give you more space. This is often about more than just another room, it is about being able to help your home feel less cramped or cluttered. In fact, it may even help you clean out the garage so you can reclaim it for parking cars in again.
  • This gives you a space for friends to visit or for your college-aged child to return to. If nothing else, when not in use, you could even consider renting it out for some additional income. That way, the room will basically pay for itself.

If you are looking for a way to improve your home, and avoid having to cause a dramatic upheaval in your life from a move, room additions in Los Angeles may be perfect for you.

Los Angeles Room Addition Construction Experts

You love your home and have already built years worth of memories here. Why subject yourself and your loved ones to a move when you have other options?

At ERP Construction our team of expert Los Angeles remodeling contractors will work with you to help ensure that you are fully aware of the options that you have for home additions and renovation. From there we will begin to discuss the exciting choices you can start making to help the vision of your room addition become a reality.

If you would like an estimate for a room addition in Los Angeles, please call 818-738-7885 or complete our online request form.

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